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Dubrovnik Riviera
There are many beautiful spots in the world, but when you visit Dubrovnik and its Riviera you are simply astonished by its beauty. Each of picturesque settlement has its own beauty, rich history and preserved traditional way of life. Having a warm southern climate, its gentle Mediterranean vegetation and gardens full of oranges, lemons, fig trees and locust-trees reflect in the clear, dark blue sea that fill numerous bays along its coast. Besides this natural beauty and rich history there are many historical and cultural monuments and buildings. This area is known after its tradition and gastronomical offer that make it even more attractive.
Rijeka Dubrovacka - Ombla
Along the banks of the river there are one after another picturesque settlement, each one having a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural surrounding. Nobles from Dubrovnik had their summer residences built in this area. The most preserved one is the palace owned by the family Sorkocevic that makes part of the today’s Dubrovnik marina.
Zaton is a 2 km long bay with beautiful spots for swimming, diving and fishing. There are many good restaurants by the sea where you can enjoy in excellent local food and wines.

Tourist Info Zaton: Tel: 891-230
Open Mon. - Fri: 8.00 - 20.00, Sat. & Sun.: 9.00 - 13, 17.00 - 20.00
Trsteno is famous after its captains and seamen who used to bring plants from all over the world and had them planted in the today’s botanic garden. There is a 500 years old gigantic plane tree.
Arboretum Trsteno (the botanic garden) is the oldest Renaissance park in Dalmatia, and today it is the only arboretum in the Mediterranean Croatia. It is famous after rich and very old collection of cultivated exotic plants like gigantic plane-trees, palms, eucalyptus, camphor-tree etc.
Župa Dubrovačka
Župa Dubrovačka and its picturesque townships Kupari, Srebreno, Mlini, Soline and Plat, lie a mere 6 kms from Dubrovnik's historic centre. The hilly chain from its north descends steeply into the wide valley filled with sub-tropical vegetation and an array of villages close to and on the very rim of Župa Bay. It has united an abundance of uniquely natural gifts into a small area, which certainly makes it one of the most beautiful of the Dubrovnik Riviera resorts. The famous Adriatic Sea justifies its claim in the blue depths of its bays and numerous sandy and pebbly beaches.
Real Adriatic
The famous Adriatic Sea justifies its claim in the blue depths of its bays and numerous sandy and pebbly beaches. The historic and ambiental heritage of buildings harmoniously adds to the services available along the coastline. Modern hotels meet the requirements of the most demanding visitor, from food entertainment, and cultural events to land and water sports. To visit Župa dubrovačka once, means to come back to it again, and to get to know it anew each time.
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