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It should have been an everlasting natural imagination that located this eternally green small island of the romantic beauty and rich cultural heritage in front of such a unique city as Dubrovnik is. Lokrum is one of the most attractive excursion spots because of its amazing linking between pine woods, exotic subtropical plants in the botanic garden, shaded walking paths, beautiful bays and bathing-places and a gorgeous view on Dubrovnik, on one side, and interminable open sea, on the other side.
The Fort Royal
The Fort Royal, today's belvedere, was built on the top of the island during the French occupation. A special attraction of Lokrum is its small salt lake called the "dead sea" which is a children's favourite bathing-place. Today Lokrum is a protected natural park.
Benedictine Monastery
In the middle of the exotic park there is a Benedictine Monastery from the 12th century which was turned into a summer residence of the Austrian duke Maximillian of Habsburg who owned the whole island. Today there are a biological institute and a natural history museum within its walls.
The Elaphite islands
The Elaphite Islands or the Deer Islands consist of thirteen larger and smaller islands: Daksa, Kolocep, Sveti Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Sipan, Misjak, Jakljan, Kosmec, Golec, Crkvine, Tajan and Olipa and many other reefs and islets. They are called the Deer Islands because their reefs, bays and isthmuses are spread so as if they were magnificently ramified deer horns. Only three of those beautiful pearls in the dark blue and clear sea are inhabited: Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan.
Kolocep is the closest inhabited Elaphite island to Dubrovnik. It is a green island covered with thick secular pine woods that are spread towards the sea rocks and reflect in the clear blue sea. The whole island, together with its two settlements, Donje i Gornje Celo, is a fragrant park full with locust-trees, olives, oranges and lemons. There are many monuments, sarcophagus remains, Preromanesque churches, basilica remains, forts, sentry box, Dubrovnik nobles’ summer residences which prove that this island has been inhabited since the Ancient Times. There is a painting by Ivan Ugrinovi? from the 15th century, one of the best works of the Dubrovnik Painting School, in the church of St. Anthony.
Lopud is an island covered with lush Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation. It is located between Kolocep and Sipan. It’s beautiful parks and gardens, sandy beaches (Sunj and the beach in the settlement) attract many visitors. In the past Lopud used to be the island of captains and sailors. A famous captain and ship-owner Miho Pracat was born there. Many medieval churches (there were 30 ones in the 16th century), summer residences and monasteries have been preserved and therefore Lopud is one of the most beautifully arranged settlements of the wider Dubrovnik area. There are many valuable works of art in the Franciscan Monastery from 1483, as well as in the churches called “Maria of a Small Cave” and the “Our Lady of Sunj”.

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8.00 - 13.00, 17.00 - 19.00, Tel: +385 20 759-086
Sipan, called a golden island, is the largest and the most inhabited Elaphite island. There are many vineyards and olive trees, thus it is famous after excellent wine and olive oil. There are two settlements, Luka Sipanska and Sudjuradj dating from the ancient times. Sipan is the island with rich cultural heritage: there are over 30 churches, few monasteries, about 60 Renaissance-Gothic summer residences out of which the most famous are the residences owned by families Sorkocevic and Skocibuha. Their forts were used for the defense against pirates. There is a Rector’s Palace built in Gothic style that in 1450 by the Dubrovnik Republic. This island with its lesser and bigger bays and rich Mediterranean vegetation is a paradise for visitors interested in nature and history.

Tourist Info Šipan:
Tel. +385 20 758-084
Open every day except Sunday:
08.00 - 12.00, 17.00 - 20.00
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