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Tourist bus line - Libertas Dubrovnik
Vukovarska 42, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Important telephone numbers:

Country code for Croatia is 00 385
Emergency Medical Service: 194
Fire: 193
Police: 192
Number for all emergencies: 112
Help on road: 1987
Coast Guard: 443-555
Road side assistance: 1987
International operator: 18901
Dubrovnik General Hospital: 431-777
Dubrovnik Airport: 773-377
Port Authority: 418-988
City Hall: 351-800
Marina Yacht Club: 455-020
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service: 478-029, 091 112 9200
Jadrolinija - Ferry Service - Local boat lines: 418-000

Tourist Information Offices:

Dubrovnik Tourist Board
Brsalje 5
Tel: 020/323-887
Fax: 323-725
E-mail: info@tzdubrovnik.hr

Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board
Vukovarska 22
Tel: 020/324-999
Fax: 324-224
E-mail: info@visitdubrovnik.hr

Tap water:

Tap water in Croatia is drinkable.


In Croatia electricity voltage is 220 V !  Please use standard 2-point plugs!

Mobile phone use:

Mobile phones from all Europeans countries should work in Croatia, but please check with your network provider before your visit to Croatia, no matter if you are coming from Europe or some other countries of the world.

Public phone use:

Public phones are reachable at all public spots in Croatia. If you would like to use public phone you should buy phone card and  it is available in shops, kiosks and at post offices. Post offices in Croatia are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday , even on Saturday till 1 p.m.

Time Difference:

Croatian time is in Central European Time Zone
Central European Standard Time GMT +1
Central European Summer Time GMT +2

Shops & office opening hours:

During the week most shops are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. On Saturday some shops are closed after 2 p.m., but in the high season most of them are open longer, even on Sunday. Public offices work from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., except Saturday and Sunday. During national holidays offices and shops are closed.

Croatian national holidays in 2014.

1st of January – Ney Year
6th of January – Epiphany
20th of April & 21st of April – Easter and Easter Monday
1st of May - Labor Day
19th of June - Corpus Christi
22nd of June – Anti-fascist Resistance Day
25th of June – Statehood Day
5th of August – Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
15th of August – Assumption Day
8th of October – Independence Day
1st of November – All Saints Day
25th of December – Christmas Day
25th of December – St. Stephen's Day


Official language is Croatian and it is Slavic language. Majority of people in Croatia speak at least English, especially in tourist areas. Italian and German are also common.

If you would like to say: „ Thank you very much!“ in Croatian is „Puno hvala!“; „Good morning!“ is „Dobro jutro!“; „ Good evening“ is „Dobro večer!“; „ Good night“ is „Laku noć!“


Most of the restaurants in Croatia offer multilingual menus, but you can find some special Croatian dishes written in Croatian, because we have so many traditional dishes worth to try. Waiters will be delightful to explain you! Please also check before if it is necessary to book table in advance, especially during the high season.


Official currency in Croatia is Croatian Kuna. For 1 Euro you can get approximately 7,5 Croatian Kuna (s) depending on currency exchange rate! Shops accept only Croatian Kuna, as credit cards also. In some restaurants you can pay in Euros (even Euro is not yet our official currency), but you should be aware to get your receipt in Croatian Kuna (s) even if you pay in Euros.

Public parking:

Public parking in Croatia  is payable by mobile phone, but only if you are user of Croatian network provider, otherwise you can buy parking card by cash from parking machines which can be found at each parking place. In the high season is very difficult to find parking place available, especially near historical core of towns and we strongly recommend you to park at the edge of town and to use public transport.

Ferry lines:

Croatian mainland is very good connected with islands by regular ferry lines. Croatian national ferry Line Company is Jadrolinija. You can buy tickets in Jadrolinija's ticket office at the ferry port, on the day of  travel or book them online. For timetables and prices please visit www.jadrolinija.hr

Visa requirements:

Please check before your visit to Croatia if you do need Visa! You can find basic information about the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and all other countries on www.mfa.hr

Short facts about Croatia:

Official name:  Republic of Croatia
Capital:  Zagreb
Official language: Croatian
Alphabet: Latin
Currency: Kuna (100 lipa)
Population:  4.437.460
Number of Islands:  1,185 (47 naseljenih / inhabited)

State area: Land 56,542 km2,
Territorial sea: 31.067 km2
Coastline length (with islands): 5.835 km (3.617 sq.mi)

Location and size:
The City of Dubrovnik is situated in the south of the Republic of Croatia and is a part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
Total population: 43.770 (2001 census).

Typically Mediterranean - mild and humid winters and warm sultry summers (250 sunny days)
Annual average air temperature: 17° C
Average summer temperature: 25° C
Average summer sea temperature: 21° C
Flora & Fauna:
There is a rich variety of flora: cypress, pine, olive, vine, lemon and orange plantations-together with aromatic herbs and flowers, exotic plants such as palm trees, agave and cactus, which create a unique atmosphere.
Time Zone: Central European Time


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