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Your holidays in Dubrovnik can be even nicer if you decide to go sightseeing in the area around Dubrovnik and the islands that abound in natural beauties and cultural and historical attractions.

Dubrovnik at night is a special experience. Dubrovnik's night life is if filled with diverse entertainment in the lively atmosphere of its small squares and streets and its outstanding night clubs, discotheques, pubs, coffee shops, and bars.

Every corner in Dubrovnik will attract you with serenades by street singers, klapa songs on the terraces of restaurants, concerts by stage performers, but also classical music and the lively rhythms of disco, jazz, techno and other contemporary music.

Above all there are the well-known Dubrovnik night clubs and discotheques. In the unique ambience of the famous Culture Club Revelijn from night to night there is dancing to the most famous world DJs, Croatian and foreign singers and disco groups, jazz and other contemporary music. On the best known Dubrovnik beach, Banje, the nightclub East West Banje provides the enjoyment of an outstanding party in the open air, and in the Latino club Fuego you can dance away the night to Latin rhythms but also to rock, house and other music. There are still many other night and disco clubs in the Old Town and the area around Dubrovnik that also provide outstanding entertainment.

And countless Dubrovnik bars, coffee shops, pubs, bistros are waiting for young people looking for fun and friends.

Night life in Dubrovnik is enriched by the avant-garde scene in Lazareti and the rich program on the wonderful summer music stage of the Park Orsula.

For those who want to try their luck, there are also casinos in the Hotel Excelsior and the Hotel Rixos with a wide range of entertainment programs.
Game of Thrones
game of thrones scene
Walk the streets of the fictional city of King's Landing from the popular Game of Thrones series! Old City of Dubrovnik hides many filming locations. On every corner you can find sights where the key scenes where played. While roaming around you will recognize places such as Fort Lovrijenac, Museum Rupe and the staircase of the Jesuits.
Visit Park Gradac where King Joffrey had his deathly wedding celebration. Stroll through the marvelous gardens in Arboretum Trsteno and you will sense the presence of the kings and queens enjoying its beauty with you.

Elite Travel – Tirena cruises
Elite Travel is proud to introduce the galleon ship Tirena - guiding you through the rich history of Dubrovnik. From its anchoring in the old harbor of Dubrovnik, Tirena galleon sails for whole day, half day and evening cruises, where consorting with sailrs, “pirates” and “stowaway passengers” are among the top attractions.

Vukovarska 17, 20000 Dubrovik, Croatia
T +385 20 358 301 F +385 20 358 304 booking@elite.hr, www.elite.hr, www.tirena.com
Circular Cruise and Fish Picnic to the Elaphite Islands (Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan)

Enjoy a pleasant boat ride and fish lunch with local homemade wine. Relax to the sounds of Dalmatian music as you explore the islands and their attractions. Pristine island beaches invite you to swim and sunbathe.
One-day excursions to the islands of Mljet and Korcula
Get to know Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo. Enjoy strolling the streets and squares of this island jewel. The island of Mljet is a protected national park with two small lakes. The larger lake includes an island with a 12th century Benedictine monastery.s of Dalmatian music as you explore the islands and their attractions. Pristine island beaches invite you to swim and sunbathe.
Excursions to Trsteno and Ston
Discover the richness and diversity of Mediterranean plant life in the Trsteno arboretum and botanical garden. The excursion continues to Ston, one of the first examples of city planning in medieval Europe. Tour the historic 5km defensive fortification walls and original bastions. Ston is home one of the oldest working traditional saltpans. A special attraction is the local sea oyster farms, which along with other seafood are a first-class gourmet treat.
Prevlaka park
This nature preserve is located on the southernmost part of the Croatian coast. The area was governed by the United Nations after the Croatian War for Independence and returned to Croatia in 2002. Today the park offers extraordinary beaches, wilderness trails, paintball, bicycling and Croatia’s largest rock climbing center. Exploring hidden tunnels and labyrinths once built for military purposes.
Village Party: A special experience
Enjoy indigenous local culture, traditional food, and great wine.
Cilipi - Folklore Spectacle
Watch tradi tional dancers in handmade costumes from Konavle with an opportunity to purchase original Konavle embroidery and other traditional souvenirs. Visit or attend mass at St. Nicholas church. island beaches invite you to swim and sunbathe.
Jeep Safari Konavle
A unique experience. A trip through forests, across rivers, and over fields leads you to the small fishing village of Molunat.
Peljesac Wine and Vineyards Discover
High quality Peljesac wines in the vineyards and cellars of the most famous Croatian wineries. Taste Dingac, Postup, Posip, and others as you and take a pleasurable walk on the “wine roads” of Peljesac.
Trip to Medugorje
Since 1981, when the Virgin Mary appeared to children with messages of peace, this has been a destination for thousands of pilgrims around the world in search of spiritual fulfilllment.
Visit to Mostar
A town where East meets West, as visible in architecture and lifestyle. Explore Mostar’s historic attractions, including the old bazaar, Turkish house and the rebuilt old bridge.
Neretva River Delta
It will win you over with the magical richness of its plant life, fish and birds. Sail this green river in a trupica, the local watercraft found only in Neretva. The ornithological museum in Metkovic is a special attraction with over 220 kinds of birds. Nearby, explore archeological remains of the first and second century Roman town of Narona.
Trip to Montenegro
Less than an hour’s pleasant ride takes you to the neighboring country of Montenegro, and the beautiful Bokakotorska Bay and the old town of Kotor. The trip continues through the village of Njegusi to Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro, with an opportunity for an exciting photo safari.
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