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Island of Mljet
The island of Mljet is often called a „green island“ because of its lush vegetation. It is the largest island of the Dubrovnik Archipelago. Its beauty consists of the most beautiful beaches that make an amazing contrast with steep rocks, caves and cliffs.
Its two lakes - Greater and Lesser Lake - are worldwide known natural phenomenon. They are separated from the sea by a narrow isthumus. There is a small island called St. Mary with a 12th century Benedictine Monastery in the Greater Lake. The monastery was built in the renaissance style.
The history of Mljet abounds with legends and myths from the Illyric, Roman and Dubrovnik Republic times until today. There are legends that a Greek hero Odysseus was thrown out on the edgy rocks by the rough sea and that an apostle Paul visited the island as well.
Mljet is a safety vault of archeological finding sites and other cultural-historical seats. In a gentle small bay of Polače there are remains of a Roman palace from the 2nd century, a unique fortification unit and remains of an early Christian basilica.
Babino Polje and the National Park
Babino Polje, the largest settlement on the island, there is a Rector's Palace from 15th century and many renaissance palaces and other buildings from the Dubrovnik Republic times.
The western part of the island was proclaimed the first national park at the Adriatic in 1960. Because of its natural features and cultural-historic monuments this park represents the area of special purpose and protection of original eco-system at the Adriatic coast.
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